“I used the vermilion for my lower back pain and my ankle every night before bed and I’m pain free and can sleep well now this product works and I will definitely be using again”

Amberly, 06-2017

“I am mystified by not only the pain relief, but also the quickness of it!! My knees ache so much it causes the pain to radiate up into my thighs & down into calves & shins. I feel a 70% reduction in approx 10min and 100% in 15min. (I also have hip pain from standing all day with my career and apply it to my hips as needed. Same results). I LOVE the CBD ointment!! I tell EVERYONE who I know with pain about it and insist they start using it. Not only does it relieve the pain for 3-4 hours, but it is causing it to heal. My pain has lessened since first using it in May…Mother’s Day to be exact. Anyone with pain…PUT IT TO THE TEST!!!! It works!!! Oh! I used it on a client who had broken her ankle 1 year ago and overdid it with hiking the past wknd…she has pins and rods in her ankle now…she felt the pain diminishing at 5min, more at 10min and gone at 15-20min. If you want your pain gone AND without having to use pharmaceuticals at that…this is your remedy. I cannot say enough about it.”

Karlee Harris, 08-2017

“This is literally the best ointment my mother has ever tried. She unfortunately suffers from back aches and acute arthritis which is why we chose to try out a CBD rich ointment (due to its anti-inflammatory properties). Ever since she began applying the ointment to her back, knees, and hands she’s been able to sleep comfortably. My mother has been using the ointment every night for about three weeks now and still has plenty of CB4 left! I’m very grateful for such an amazing product that is helping out my family. I definitely recommend CB4 to everyone and anyone!”

Will Braswell, 08-2017

“I have been diagnosed with peripheral nueropothy. Lyrica was helped me a great deal with the chronic pain. Due to insurance change I was left to go back dealing with the horrible pain without relief of any kind. I tried this CB4 ointment and it really has helped. I have been using daily to every other day with a large reduction in pain. I am able to work comfortably and concentrate on my job instead of my pain.”

S. Sue, 09-2017

“I’ll keep it simple. I’m missing a part of my spine and this stuff is fast acting. Definitely a product I’ve already shared with three others for pain and discomfort. It’s great on my knees and a little bit goes a looong way. I just put in another one order right now.”

Sean Major, 11-2017

“I had a small motorcycle crash during a training lesson and banged up my shoulder and leg. I had bad pain and limited range of movement along with swelling, I remembered that I had some of this cream my friend gave me. I joked around that it was a placebo effect, but then I use it with in 45mins my swelling was gone and the pain became bearable as well as regaining range of movement as was able to go to work. I highly recommend this product for muscle aches and pains.”

Nate Haro, 01-2018

“I’m A retired 100 disabled veteran I knew I deserved a better life AND so do you!”

Delilah Edler, 02-2018

“I have bicep tendonitis and was having a lot more pain than usual. So I tried the Vermilion Ointment even though I just knew it wasn’t going to work. To my surprise it took the pain away in 5 to 10 minutes. Everyone that is struggling with pain should try this product. It really does work.”

Patrice Coons, 04-2018

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