CRANE FLIGHT, INC. is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation acting under the legal guidelines established by the Attorney General of California in 2008 according to Senate Bill 420 & CA Proposition 215.


We are dedicated to endorsing and providing access to a healthy lifestyle & the pursuit of happiness through the utilization and knowledge of holistic products and practices, as well as encouraging the use of fundamental therapies. For instance: meditation, gong healing, essential oils, acupuncture, natural herbs, crystal healing, among a variety of other methods aside from pharmaceutical substances, synthetic treatment, or Westernized medicinal practices.

Our main focus is on the therapeutic, healing factors of cannabis, especially CBD, and we specialize in a variety of cannabinoid based concentrates, ointments, & tinctures.

We devotedly believe that all of these things, in coalescence with positive mental manifestation and an open frame of mind & perspective, are an avenue to comprehensive Happiness, Health, and Full Realization of “Self”.

“A Higher Lifestyle”